Kai Eikermann & Robeat – Visual Beats
Exclusively at Jamvision

Beats and motion

KaiRo are an unusual joint venture. Two generations, two opposing types and two art forms: Physical Comedy and Human Beatbox or more generally speaking: Movement and Music. And yet the connection couldn’t be more fitting. The common sense for groove and higher nonsense paired with great expertise in their respective fields unites the two exceptional artists. The whole thing leads to an energetic show on the highest technical level, presented with relaxed nonchalance, as if Michael Jackson had driven into the bodies of two Zen masters.

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Extraordinary moving rhythms

Both represent real hip-hop and enjoy the highest recognition in the scene. At the same time, they expand this culture and transform it into entertainment for a wide audience without betraying its true spirit. With KaiRo, they take this path one step further.

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100% Fresh

KaiRo convinces with new comedy
The audience is amazed, laughs and claps. KaiRo is surprised. If you have already seen everything, KaiRo delights in a new way of humor.

For eyes & ears

A feast for the senses

Robeat & Kai Eikermann will not only provide the highest musical enjoyment. There is a lot to see. Unexpected moments, incredible movements and shrill fusions.

For young and old

From trainee to board member

You want to inspire in all age groups? A show that is fun – to feel and clap along – unite the generations like Robeat and Kai.


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