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Beatbox talent

Robeat is one of the most talented beatboxers worldwide and is the reigning European champion. For years he has been a constant in the event and gala sector.

The exceptional talent always leaves the audience speechless. As a "human beatbox" - i.e. equipped only with microphone and voice - he demonstrates the high art of oral acrobatics.

Unique style

He cleverly spikes his unmistakable style, which is composed of hard techno beats, fast drum-and-base rhythms and soft hip-hop sounds, with excursions into the world of singing and comedy.
As a one-man show, with his 20-minute solo program at guest appearances with renowned bands - from Hamburg to Munich to Paris - Robeat is everywhere on the road. The show is individually adapted to your event.

Tradition meets modernity. Values meet innovation.

As a gifted musician, Robeat is always warmly welcomed as a guest by many orchestras. The Philharmonic Orchestra Würzburg, the Babelsberg Film Orchestra or the WDR Radio Orchestra - all contributors were always enthusiastic about Robeat's joy of music and his absolute professionalism. Robeat has been in close cooperation with the Bavarian Philharmonic Orchestra for years.

Whether galas in the industrial sector, major sporting events or the Robinson Club on Mallorca: with outstanding crossover productions, Robeat always impresses with musical excellence and arrangements that get under the skin. Again and again world premieres. New ideas. Fresh wind. Exclusive.

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Robeat inspires people of all ages
For over 10 years, Robeat has fascinated people worldwide. Over 3000 shows, over 10 million viewers live, on TV and online - and always incredibly positive feedback.


Make the show your show
Your themes, your slogan, your motto - charmingly packed into the infectious beat of Robeat. Let us create a show that perfectly fits your occasion!


Create moments that last
We all want to feel something. Share the excitement. Feel the love. Robeat lives for music and takes people on an amazing and entertaining journey. His performances are unforgettable. For years to come, this show will remain in the minds and hearts of your customers.

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