Alexander Hartmann

Author, Speaker & Reality Hacker
The expert for the success factor subconscious


Success factor subconscious

Young, charming, smart - the new expert for the success factor subconscious. Alexander Hartmann is a high-performance coach, one of Europe's most successful hypnotists, an internationally sought-after speaker and Spiegel bestselling author. Through his TV show "Alexander Hartmann - Reality Hacker" (A&E), as well as his guest appearances in numerous TV shows on RTL, Pro7, VOX, Sat1 and ZDF, he has established himself as the expert on the subject of the subconscious.

Motivation and drive

How can you call up peak performance, motivation and drive instead of running at full throttle in the wrong direction or on the spot, controlled by subconscious patterns? How to generate motivation and drive and let your subconscious work for you. More drive. More motivation. Better communication. Program your brain for success!


The book

Crack the success code! Whether we admit it or not, each of us has an inner elephant - our subconscious. This elephant is a strong and powerful animal! It learns quickly. It never forgets. Once on course, nothing and no one stands in its way. So our subconscious determines to a large extent whether we can realize our set goals and realize our visions.

"With the elephant through the wall" is not only a 3-time bestseller, but also a language course "German-Elephant / Elephant-German". Become an elephant whisperer and program your subconscious for success!
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About Alexander Hartmann

As the youngest Top100 Speaker in the history of the prestigious "Speaker's Excellence" squad, Alexander Hartmann is now touring Europe with his lectures on the success factor subconscious. Without trodding out old motivational clichés, he inspires thousands with his entertaining style, the latest findings from brain research and new strategies that make the real difference between those who succeed and those who only intend to. More drive. More motivation. Better communication.

The TV show

Long a dream - now reality: your own TV show! "Alexander Hartmann - Reality Hacker" runs on SKY (A&E) and deals with the question: "What actually is reality - and how can we change it?" In amazing experiments, the Reality Hacker gets to the bottom of the question and we see: Reality is a very stretchable concept!
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